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Schock invented the granite sink and has been one of the leading manufacturers worldwide for over 30 years. All Schock sinks are made of durable and ecologically sound materials. Manufactured in Germany, to extremely rigorous standards, customers in more than 70 countries put their trust in Schock sinks. Going beyond the statutory requirements for environmental production standards, Schock invests in the latest resource-saving technologies to preserve our environmental future.

SCHOCK PREMIUM DESIGN - Schock’s material technology enables the realisation of exceptional designs. Premium sinks from Schock have won numerous design awards over the years.

SCHOCK MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY - Since the invention of the granite sink, SCHOCK materials have been continually refined and set new standards. This innovative spirit is reflected in more than 90 patents.

SCHOCK MATERIAL - HARDER THAN GRANITE - The special SCHOCK production method makes CRISTALITE ® and Cristadur® ensure optimum safety when handling fresh food.

PROHYGIENIC21 - THE HYGIENE STANDARD - The patented surface quality of CRISTALITE ® and Cristadur® ensure optimum safety when handling fresh food.

SCHOCK DIRT-REPELLENT EFFECT - The material’s fine structure means dirt that could be a breeding ground for bacteria finds it impossible to stick to the surface

Schock Sinks are extremely tough, scratch resistant, stain resistant, heat proof have a natural antibacterial hygiene protection system, maximum colour intensity, colour fast, food safe and made in Germany

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