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ILVE has taken their time with the latest built-in oven and cooktop range, consulting with trend setters, architects and designers – not to design for just today, but also for the future.

ILVE’s new series of black built-in ovens add another level of luxury and style to their current cooktop and oven selections, the range has moved away from the traditional stainless steel to black glass and high gloss black enamel which has made a comeback in the kitchen.

Leading the collection is the introduction of ILVE’s Built-In Ovens boosting black glass with exciting technological features. Stylistically, Australian interior design has welcomed darker kitchens and appliances. ILVE’s built-in range has exciting new features including a CHEF-assist program, Bio-Safe thermo-reflective glass and a self-cleaning mode with select models.


The new ‘CHEF-assist’ program uses a touch screen with a smart control panel, available in 11 language settings with over 35 preset recipe modes, enabling the user to cook any dish for the entire family perfectly. All of the glass used in ILVE’s oven doors are thermo-reflective to ensure that a cool front is maintained and cooking temperatures remain consistent.

Easy cleaning is also taken care of with ILVE’s pyrolytic self-cleaning mode, allowing the temperature of the internal cavity to rise to 460°C and incinerate any food residue from the oven walls.

Following in suite is the Black Glass Gas Cooktop. Not only is this cooktop a completely new design and unlike anything seen before from ILVE, the 8mm black toughened glass provides a stable and safe cooking experience, with the surface semi flushed and edges elegantly bevelled. The burners are arranged in a creative new fashion.


With an added cast iron cradle, cooking with a WOK is as easy as ever and to add a steel housing burner keeps accidental spills away from the flame. Multiple pots and pans can sit comfortably together, as the range is complete with cast iron trivets.

The black glass oven and cooktop options from ILVE provide an effortless experience that tastefully combines luxury with a unique new design.

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