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When selecting a toilet suite, consider a wall faced option. This will make cleaning easier as they have smooth finishes that sit flush against the wall. Dependent on the layout of your combined room, a hand wall basin or wall basin with an extended shelf is more practical in smaller spaces.

Every powder room needs a mirror, not only to freshen yourself up but this will also add a design element to the room so choose something that reflects your style. To achieve a contemporary slim lined look, conceal the washing machine and dryer under the benchtop and behind cupboard doors. You can also stack front loading machines to save space and keep them hidden away when not in use.

If you decide to have joinery in the laundry a drop in sink will be the most suitable option, this can be matched with a retractable sink mixer to assist in washing items and filling up buckets. Alternatively, a compact tub and cabinet option is also practical and available in different sizes. Storage is essential for all laundry and cleaning products. Create a storage plan and utilise the space to suit your needs.

Décor pieces such as scented candles and fresh flowers will add colour and warmth to the room, along with fresh inviting aromas.

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