Franke products that truly excel in design quality, functionality, processing, material selection and degree of innovation. The Centinox sink had been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.


The Centinox sink is very easy to clean and maintain. Its smooth, non-porous surface makes it difficult for bacteria and micro-organisms to survive. The stainless steel used in its make is highly resistant to rust and the aggressive action of acids and chemical products.

Especially designed to protect from scratches, abrasion and corrosive agents, Franke’s product comes with a patented Décor and Microdecor finish that creates a stunning aluminium effect, enhancing its shape and emphasising the elegance of the design.

The Centinox is a superlative sink for food preparation and washing up. What makes it extra-special is the design functionality for accessories. The scope of delivery includes the sink, a multi-functional strainer bowl, a chopping board and a extension drainer. The combination of multi-functional strainer bowl and drainer is ideal for food preparation; both items are suitable for use in conventional steamer ovens. The strainer bowl fits comfortably in the drainer with just the right floor clearance for steam circulation when positioned in the steamer.

Both sides of the multi-functional chopping board can be used. The anti-bacterial, black plastic surface is ideal for cutting and chopping, whilst the stainless steel surface serves as a trivet for hot objects. The mobile drainer can be used to cover the sink or positioned to the left or right. The roll mat with square stainless steel grooves is available as an optional extra.


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