For the last 6 years, the Harvey Norman Commercial Division in Taren Point has been the one stop shop for Peninsula Homes clients. As a custom design builder, an integral part of our specification process is for clients to be able to touch and feel the products they will have in their home; to feel their quality and experience their functionality.

What is it we find invaluable about Harvey Norman Commercial?

Personalised Service

We all know how difficult it can be making decisions when there are a plethora of choices in the marketplace. The personalised service of our showroom consultant cuts through all of this. Armed with incredible product knowledge, they can quickly gauge where a client's preference lays, therefore reducing the volume of products that need to be seen, ultimately making their decision easier.

Products are backed and supported

The products stocked by Harvey Norman Commercial are tried and tested. We know that whatever we are showing our clients meets their strictest guidelines. This in turn means that the quality we expect from ourselves, as builders, is also matched by the quality of products that comes from Harvey Norman Commercial.

Know their products

Information via the net is at our fingertips, but the thought of scrolling through the minefield of information is not something everyone loves to do. The consultants product knowledge is credible, practical and honest and, being able to cut through and gauge what our clients really need to understand is vital.

Value to our business

When a client walks away from a meeting and feels content with the process that unfolded, that brings comfort and immeasurable reassurance to them. For our clients to feel this way following a showroom visit adds credibility to our business as well. Our mutual relationship goes hand in hand.

Exceptional after sales service

It is no surprise that sometimes things go wrong or don’t work as well as they are supposed to. Thats life! However, the comfort we have in the after sales service, is second to none. The follow up service offered to us, as a company, and then to our clients is swift, professional and seamless.

Luke Thorn, Peninsula Homes.


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