Smeg_Linear BLOG

The Linear Collection features Stopsol® "supersilver" glass, a super-strong material with crystal translucency for a mirror finish, which, when combined with Smeg’s satin stainless steel, gives the range a reflective beauty which must be seen to be believed. The sleek, simple and beautifully conceived collection is available in White (Bianco), Black (Nero) or silver and stainless steel finish, for a refined “Made in Italy” style statement.

With intuitive menus and Thermoseal technology, Linear is as easy to use as it is on the eye, turning a novice into an expert and an accomplished chef into a gourmand. Thermoseal is a foolproof system for juicier, more flavoursome roasts, crisp potatoes, fast fan-grills, evenly-browned biscuits, airy and level cakes and the perfect pavlova. You’ll be delighted by the joy and appreciation that every mouthful brings - all with minimal effort in a cooler, cleaner kitchen.

The Compact Speed, Steam and Combi-Steam built-in ovens feature the latest technology, offering faster after-work dinners, healthy steamed dishes and easy new and varied menus. It’s the ultimate in technology with style.

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