Your Smarter Home is Here

A truly intelligent home is one that can be programmed to suit your lifestyle. An Environexus Smart Home offers all that and more. By enabling your devices to communicate with each other, Nero gives you comfort, convenience and peace of mind. It can be as simple as a single light switch that turns on when you arrive home, or extend into a completely automated home that reacts to your every move.

Whole Home Control

Nero is an affordable, scalable, and retrofit solution that allows you to build your dream smart home, one switch at a time. Your smart phone or tablet becomes the control interface for all of your connected devices, seamlessly merging lifestyle and technology into one.
Finally, everything in one place

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Lighting Control

Control the mood and ambience of your home with one touch. Access lighting in any room, at anytime from anywhere in the world, providing comfort, efficiency and security.

Blind Control

Providing instant privacy at the touch of a button, intelligent motorised blinds can also be programed to respond to sunlight and temperature, offering greater efficiency and comfort.

Smart Sensors

Discrete sensors can deliver a snapshot of the environment directly to your smartphone, including light levels, temperature, humidity and UV, whilst also allowing you trigger events based on sensor readings.

Easy Control

Available for both iOS and Android, My Nero is the easiest way to access all of your devices directly from your smart phone or tablet. Features include auto-populated list views, ability to toggle between modes and easy setup of scenes, triggers and advanced automation such as geo-fencing.