Smeg’s Cool Door is one of the safest and coolest oven doors available. It is a common misconception that the number of panes of glass in the oven door determines how hot or cool the door is to the touch.


The truth is that radiant heat will eventually permeate even thermo-reflective glass and heat will transfer from pane to pane. You could have 10 panes of glass in the door, but eventually the heat will radiate through. Smeg’s door is cooler because of Smeg’s unique cooling system which features a 22-blade tangential fan. Ambient air, driven by the powerful tangential fan, is forced up through the panes of glass in the door – three panes in Smeg’s non-pyrolytic models and four panes in Smeg’s pyrolytic models. This forms a veil of cool air which buffers the radiant heat coming from inside the oven, ensuring the Cool Door is safe to the touch. Not only is the cool door safer for families with young children, it also ensures a cooler, more comfortable environment in the kitchen. In fact, even on a pyrolitic cleaning cycle, where the oven reaches temperatures of up to 500°C, the door is still safe to touch. In addition, the inner panes of glass in Smeg’s Cool Door simply lift out for easy cleaning.